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    Bellevue Real Estate

    A short trip over from Seattle, Bellevue is the main hub of the Eastside.  It consists of a beautiful mix of old and modern, seen in the many parks  and farms reflecting the roots of Bellevue as a farming community, as well  as in the towering buildings in downtown that contain some of the world’s most recognized companies. Bellevue also offers diverse dining, appealing to families as well as urban individuals. In addition to some of the stunning outdoor elements, Bellevue offers entertainment and culture in the heart of the city as well with the Bellevue Art Museum and many other community events.

    Bellevue is also in close proximity to the Pacific Northwest’s best hiking trails, allowing for one to escape to the mountains with ease. While Bellevue has many upscale and modern elements in its high fashion and dining, it also is rooted in tradition and history. Corporations continue to grow and add offices to the downtown Bellevue area, seen in the towering buildings across the Bellevue skyline. Bellevue is conveniently located on major transit lines and freeways and a short commute from the rest of the Eastside and Seattle. Bellevue is also one of the most walk-able cities on
    the Eastside of Seattle with conveniently located amenities throughout the city.