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    Issaquah Real Estate

    Once known for its mining and farming, Issaquah is now known for its growing community and convenience of location near the Seattle and Eastside areas. Because of its recent growth, it is appealing for first-time buyers and those that seek to move to a suburb with newer builds. Issaquah is a beautiful blend of the old and new because of the fact that it maintains its incredibly historic downtown area, but it also has some of the newest homes in the Eastside area. It is also known for its great dining and breweries in the historic downtown area.

    In addition to these great elements of the city, one of the most important elements is the fact that Issaquah is at the base of mountains to the east. Issaquah is an incredibly short commute away from countless trails and hiking areas, as well as more adventurous excursions like paragliding and rock-climbing. Issaquah properties tend to be newer builds with privacy provided by the plentiful trees and greenery surrounding the area. The convenience of I-90 allows for one to commute with ease of access, yet still have the amenities of a more secluded area.