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    Sammamish Real Estate

    Sammamish is conveniently located on the eastern side of the lake it is named after, Lake Sammamish. It is recognized for its perfect location on the plateau with easy access to the lake. It has gorgeous views in this secluded area of the lake, as well as some of the most stunning parks in the Seattle area. Lake Sammamish State Park is on the southernmost point of Lake Sammamish and is one of the most gorgeous parks and has 512-acres of park to explore, walk, and picnic in.

    Sammamish homes allow for more space than other areas because of its convenient location in the suburbs. However, the amenities of a larger metropolitan area are located nearby in the thriving downtown Sammamish area. Properties in the Sammamish area are close to major transit lines to Seattle and the rest of the Eastside. Despite the fact that it is a growing area, it still has massive acres of wetland and a blue heron rookery where one can view the wildlife native to this historic area of the Eastside.