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    Snoqulamie Real Estate

    Located in the mountains next to the falls featured in Twin Peaks, Snoqualmie is one of the most gorgeous areas in Western Washington with picturesque views of the pass and beyond. Snoqualmie is a beautiful area that is tucked away in the mountains and secluded from the major metropolitan areas. This area is perfect for those that seek to escape to the mountains because of its proximity to hiking trails. The Snoqualmie Valley area is mostly known for its location at the foothills of the Cascades, yet it still has the convenience of the major metropolitan areas because of its close proximity to the freeway.

    Properties in the Snoqualmie area are mostly in the Snoqualmie Ridge area. The Snoqualmie Ridge is a covetous area located on the Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club. The Snoqualmie Ridge Club is an iconic golf course located in the midst of the luscious green area at the foothills of the Cascades. Properties in the area are a combination of new builds ranging in size, to historic homes that are reminiscent of a log cabin in the mountains. Snoqualmie Ridge allows for one to have world-class golfing and privacy of a secluded neighborhood tucked in the plateau, yet still has the convenience of being located near the major metropolitan areas.